Dienstag, 9. April 2013

Shopping in BERLIN

Hello my lovely readers! I always search for some good shopping places in big cities like Paris,London or BERLIN...I am living in Berlin and that's why I want to show you my favourite places to shop here.It would be so great if there were more bloggers who show the secret places of their cities.So if you are living in Barcelona,Paris or another great place please tell me where I can shop the best things!!!:P Here is my selection: I divide it in 3 categories : CAFES,VINTAGE and the usual SHOPPING AREAS and STREETS.Let's start with the cafes :

I really love to go to some vintage stores or just through some flea markets in Berlin.This is really popular here.A typical sunday in Berlin: You drink a coffee and eat a great cupcake and after that you go on a fleamarket.When the sun goes down you sit in the park with your friends and enjoy the last sparkles of the sun.Just chilling,that's the perfect sunday:) 

My favourite Cafes : 

Belziger Straße 70

10823 Berlin


Café BilderBuch
Akazienstraße 28 
10823 Berlin 

This is a like a little museum and cafe in one.You can eat brunch,breakfast or just drink a cup of coffee with cake there.At the same time you can watch some great pictures on the wall or sit in the little garden,that they have at the backside.

                 Zimt & Zucker                                              or                                    Zimt & Zucker

              Schiffbauerdamm 12                                                                            Trautenaustraße 12
               10117 Berlin                                                                                 10717 Berlin (Wilmersdorf)

 Another great cafe in a vintage look,what I really love.In my opinion a cafe should be romantic,cozy and has to have some great sweet things.My favourite are the pancakes here.They are served warm and with some fresh fruit.

My favourite vintage shops/flea markets

Gleimstraße 55, 
 10437 Berlin
(just on sunday)
 The biggest and most popular flea market in berlin is the "MAUERPARK" .You will find here everything! Shoes,dresses,jewelry etc.In summer on the market are so many people that it is like on a concert or something :pThe cool thing there is the place where they organite some karaoke and everyone who wants to sing in front of 300 people is here on the right place.The negative thing is that some things are really expensive.You have to take time for searching to find a really originally and lowpriced piece.But everyone who visits Berlin should go there!

Vintage shop 
 Ahornstraße 2 
10787 Berlin

Another great vintage shop.Every wednesday they have happy hour shopping,where you get 30 % off :) This is a good place to find some special things and garment.

Flea market 
Rathaus Schöneberg

John-F. -Kennedy-Platz 1

10825 Berlin
This is my favourite flea market in Berlin.You can buy things from 50 cent to 15 euro.Everyone could rent a stand and sell his stuff.This market isn't so full like the mauerpark but there are also a lot of people.In the summer I will stand also there and sell the things of my personal closet.This is also a place where you have to handle to get a good price for the stuff.The seller give you often a higher price that they want for the pieces.And that's why you always should ask for lower price.

Shopping areas and streets

12163 Berlin
On this street you will find every shop!Primark,H&M,ZARA,Hollister and so on... There are 5 big shopping centers in one street!!! 


If you like to join some touristplaces the Alexanderplatz is the right thing for you.There is the biggest shopping centre in Berlin,called ALEXA.You will find there the same stuff like everywhere,but in addition you can see our Fernsehturm.Close to it is the Hackescher Markt,where are some typical berlin shops from great designers.If you go along the Spree you will see the Berliner Museumsinsel and at the end you reach the Friedrichstraße.There is one of my favourite shops: Gina Tricot.
I really hope that you like this type of post! I would be really happy if you leave me comment with your opinion:) Have a nice day :*