Dienstag, 23. April 2013

Streetstyle inspiration

"I have nothing to wear!" Yes.This is the sentence I was thinking every morning in the last few days.This really weird weather makes me also a little bit confused.One day it is warm,the other day it rains and the next one the snow is falling down.When I am standing in front of my closet and try to find a good outfit it is so difficult because you never know what kind of weather will be!That's why my creativity is falling down like the rain :P It is a good reason to search for some inspiration on the internet. I am always looking after streetstyles because in my opinion they give you the best idea what to wear everyday.I found a lot and pick out the best for you. It is also a quick inspiration for the spring/summer ;) Hope you enjoy it and have a great evening !

all pictures are taken from Pinterest