Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2013

cropped experience

I am finally back from Mallorca and have a lot of pictures with me! Unfortunately we had just 3 days good weather but these days I used to take as much photos as possible!Although it rains in Berlin I created some summer looks for you.Maybe the weather in your city is better ;) 
I found some great pieces on Mallorca and will show them all here on the blog.The first ones are this crop top and the white bomberjacket with a fishnet-print.I really love the colour,maybe you have already recognize it ;) These two things are from a small store named Friday's project.You can also buy them at SHANA or in the internet.I put some links in the bottom with alternative shops.Hope you like this look ;)

blouse/bomber jacket Friday's Project (you find it here)
crop top Friday's Project (here)
shoes CCC (polish store)
sunglasses Rayban
chain Cotton on