Samstag, 18. Januar 2014

Best Looks on Mercedes-Benz Fashionweek Berlin 14/15

Maybe this is something new on the blog, but I want to show you some perfect looks from great designers which were presented on MBFW Berlin this week. There are just 5 of them because these are the ones I really love because of their great work, special designs and the creative way of presenting the collections.Unfortunately I couldn't see the runway shows which were always more effective than the final photos, but I show you the original pictures of the Mercedes-Benz-Photographers.First of all there is GLAW I really love the patterns of black and white in addition to the transparent blouses and leather details.It is really classy and elegant in a cool way.Schumacher is always really minimalistic but in an incredible way.I also like the designs of David Tomaszewski.He had the great idea to organize his runway show with some leaves on the ground.Flippa K.`s new collection was a little bit sporty but mixed with some elegant pieces.Last but not least there is Lena Hoschek.The runway show is always a highlight on the Berlin Fashion Week.She transform the pieces of the 50's to wearable fashion for the modern woman.
I hope you like the quick review and wish you all a great saturday!