Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

Retro Situation

I am sorry for posting so many looks with black and white items but I just love these two colours! They are matchable with any other colour and help to get out of bad mood.Yesterday there was great weather in Berlin and that is why I took some outfit-pictures for the blog after catching up my boyfriend on Hauptbahnhof Berlin.He was not so amused about taking the pictures but I could convince him.He is the best!It is so difficult to find time for some shoots because of the weather.For example in this moment it is so cold in Berlin and all things look just grey and invite you to stay home and drink some tea.In my next post I will announce something which will hopefully surprise you as well! So please stay tuned for some great news and enjoy this black-and-white outfit for today.

 Coat - Banggood 
Fake Leather Harem Pants - Forever 21
Sweater - ZARA 
chain - Cotton on 
shoes - River Island 
Rings - I am