Montag, 10. Februar 2014

Straight from New York City


After 15 hours of flight I finally arrived in New York City. We are spending our time in the beautiful Strand Hotel just a few minutes away from the Times Square.Our room is in the 18th floor and the view out of it is just amazing. NY is such a special city. Everything here looks so big and great. I never know where to look next because all the things are interesting.I often had the problem to find a good location for taking pictures in Berlin -  In New york you always find one..As you can see I am a happy girl.The other thing is the jetlag. It is 6 am and I woke up one hour ago. Ok, maybe it is good because I can make this post for you :D Today is the Tommy Hilfiger Show and maybe this is also a point why I woke up so early.I will take pictures as much as I can to show you all the things which are happening here.My look: It is really frosty  here so I  have to wear some comfy and warm looks, not very ladylike. In addition I wear some boots from Zara which are perfect for long sightseeing- days. I hope you like this look and wish you a wonderful day!

Fake Fur New Yorker (Sale)
Leather Jacket ZARA 
Jeans Primark
Boots ZARA
Hat Orsay