Sonntag, 2. Februar 2014

White socks are NO-Go's!

White socks in shoes are NO-GO's! This is not my opinion.After the last Chanel Fashionshow everything is possible. My photographer just said: " Is it right? You don't want to take off the socks?" yeah and I LOVE it.My blog is a place where I show my style and this is it ;) I know there will be many people who do not like it but I always love to try something new and make experiences in Fashion.It is also my third look with a white blouse which makes the look a little bit conservative but in these freezing temperatures there must be something under this neckfree dress.
I am so excited about my trip to NY that I can not concentrate on any of my exams. I spent my whole time to look through some streetstyles on Pinterest that could inspire me but I can't find the perfect look. I want to show my style and feel confident wearing my outfit. If you have any ideas what I could wear on New York Fashion Week please do not hesitate and leave me a comment with some links or advices.I would be really thankful.
Another thing is, I know my English is not the best but I want to share my thoughts with all readers and not just the german ones. So I hope this English is enough to understand me and you can go through it easily.I am sorry for any grammatic or language mistakes...Have a nice sunday :*

Dress LOVE 
Blouse H&M 
tights Primark 
Leather Jacket ZARA 
socks Primark
hat H&M 
Heels Persunmall