Sonntag, 23. März 2014

Black,white and leather.

Black, white and leather, this is all I need.You can create so many looks with just a few pieces and you look always great! I am honest with you, yesterday I had no idea what to wear so I just went on the right side with those pieces. Berlin is really rainy now and it is difficult to wear stylish things but also against the wind and rain.This is a look which I would wear in every weather situation, ok.. maybe not for snowy days! For those who follow my blog regularly it is not difficult to understand that I am in love with those leather harem pants.I could wear them everyday and night! In addition I put on some sneakers which are looking like Nike Airs. I am not that girl who always must wear expensive brands so it was not a problem to buy some lookalike Nike Airs and not the real ones. I really hope you enjoy this look although I just wear black and white like most of the time :P 

T-shirt Joy Division
Fake Leather Harem Pants Forever 21
Sneakers Deichmann 
Bag NowIstyle 
Leather Jacket ZARA 
Cap gift 
Purse Monki