Sonntag, 9. März 2014

Golden tee on Goldschnee

 Hey guys! Today I am wearing a lovely tee with a great golden print that perfectly match with my blog name.In addition I put on my new black harem pants from Inlovewithfashion that I ordered one week ago online. It is finally a little bit warmer in Berlin and the sun came out so I decided to take some pictures for you. It was such a nice weather that I could wear my long coat fro Zara which I bought last year in Sale! I am so in love with it but maybe a few of you will say it looks like a bath robe. In this case it is important to wear some heels because otherwise the look would be to wide and unprofitable.I really hope you like the look and enjoy a lovely day in the sun.

Shirt NowIstyle
Heels Tamaris 
Long coat ZARA 
rings Primark
Samsung Case Cliqueshops